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Our expert MetaSport coaches will help you cross the finish line and be the best YOU.

Check out the running clinics and packages below to help you achieve your race and fitness goals.

Running and nutrition clinics

Running technique

Proper running form will improve your efficiency and speed, whilst reducing your risk of injury. Join us for a practical session and learn drills to encourage good body position, optimum foot placement and cadence, minimal body rotation and strong arm swing.  Through the use of video analysis we will help you identify your weaknesses and guide you on the path to obtaining optimum running form.



Wed, 5 September19:00 – 20:30Kallang Track


Identifying your training zones and eating well during the training phase

Understanding your training heart rate zones will assist you to train efficiently and effectively. In this session you will complete some running tests following which our coaches will help you to set your training heart rates zones.  You will learn how to use the feedback from your heart rate monitor effectively as a training and racing tool, and how often you should be running in each heart rate zone to ensure performance improvement without injury risk. Bring your heart rate monitor.

The session will include nutrition advice about fueling for regular training to keep up energy levels and see performance gains, what to eat and when after a hard session, and the timing of pre-run meals plus good food choices.




Wed, 29 August19:00 – 20:30 Kallang Track


Strength training for running

Strength training is a supplement to a runner’s roadwork because it strengthens muscles and joints, which can improve race times and decrease injury risk. This session will introduce strength training exercises that you can do anywhere (no gym equipment required!) to boost your running performance.   Our coaches will spend time individually with you to demonstrate the correct technique for the exercises and then watch as you give it a shot. A full arsenal of exercises (along with frequency and repetitions for key muscle groups) will be shared so you can incorporate them into your regular training.




Wed, 13 September19:00 – 20:30 Kallang Track


Talks by running experts at Race Kit Collection

  • Race day tips and tricks for the perfect race – hear some great insider tips and tricks for success at the event from our MetaSport coach. What should you eat pre-race, what clothing should you wear, how should you pace your effort, how much should you drink during the run? Plus some sneaky tips to shave seconds off your time! Bring your questions along and we will have them answered! 30 mins


  • Race day nutrition – nailed! All the effort in training can unravel on race day if you don’t get your nutrition right. Our MetaSport coach will detail what to eat pre-race (and what not to eat!), the timing of your pre-race meal, how much water to drink pre-race, what to carry with you around the course, how often to stop at aid stations, and what to eat after the race to ensure you recover well.  There will be Q & A time so come ready for some interactive discussions! 30 mins

A spectacular SUNSET RUN on 12 October 2019, Saturday.