Training Clinics and Talks

Talks by running experts at Race Kit Collection

Race day tips and tricks for the perfect race – hear some great insider tips and tricks for success at the event from our MetaSport coach. What should you eat pre-race, what clothing should you wear, how should you pace your effort, how much should you drink during the run? Plus some sneaky tips to shave seconds off your time! Bring your questions along and we will have them answered! 30 mins


Friday 12 October: 3:00pm

Saturday 13 October: 11:00am and 1:00pm

Race day nutrition – nailed! All the effort in training can unravel on race day if you don’t get your nutrition right. Our MetaSport coach will detail what to eat pre-race (and what not to eat!), the timing of your pre-race meal, how much water to drink pre-race, what to carry with you around the course, how often to stop at aid stations, and what to eat after the race to ensure you recover well. There will be Q & A time so come ready for some interactive discussions! 30 mins


Saturday 13 October: 11:30am and 1:30pm

Health Advice

Watch this space. More information to be posted soon.


We’re here to pace you towards your goal time!

The Run by the Bay pacers assist participants to achieve their time goals in the 21.1km and 12.8km runs. Pacers are experienced runners who aim to maintain an even pace throughout the race with the goal to have you finishing slightly faster (30 seconds or so) than your goal time.

For easy visibility, the pace runners will be holding a coloured balloon and a goal time sign high above the starting runners. Each pace runner will also wear a singlet with the goal time marked on the back. Pacer’s will start in the appropriate start zone for their allocated finish time. You will be assigned a start zone depending on your predicted finish time as indicated at your time of registration. On race day you should start the race near your pace runner.


21.1km Pace times

  • 1:40
  • 1:50
  • 2:00
  • 2:10
  • 2:20
  • 2:30


12.8km Pace times

  • 60 mins
  • 75 mins
  • 90 mins

A spectacular SUNSET RUN on 12 October 2019, Saturday.