We are here to pace you towards your goal time!

The Run by the Bay pacers assist participants to achieve their time goals in the 21.1km and 12.8km runs. Pacers are experienced runners who aim to maintain an even pace throughout the race with the goal to have you finishing slightly faster (30 seconds or so) than your goal time.

For easy visibility, the pace runners will be holding a coloured balloon and wearing a ‘pacer’ singlet with the goal time marked on the back. Pacer’s will start in the appropriate start zone for their allocated finish time. You will be assigned a start zone depending on your predicted finish time as indicated at your time of registration. On race day you should start the race near your pace runner.


21.1km Pace times

  • 1:50 (5:12 min/km)
  • 2:00 (5:41 min/km)
  • 2:10 (6:09 min/km)
  • 2:20 (6:38 min/km)
  • 2:30 (7:06 min/km)

12.8km Pace times

  • 1 hour (4:41 min/km) – Achieve this timing and be part of the prestigious 1 hour club!
  • 1 hour 10 mins (5:28 min/km)
  • 1 hour 20 mins (6:15 min/km)
  • 1 hour 30 mins (7:02 min/km)


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