CSC STAR Games - CSC Run by the Bay
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Take part in the 12.8km Team-of-4 and earn Championship Points for your Agency in the CSC STAR Games.

All team members in the team must come from the same Government Agency.

Make sure you enter your Agency when you sign up to make your agency eligible to compete and win STAR Games Championship Points.


Winners Prizes of CSC STAR Games:

  • Championship Points will be awarded to the Top 4 male and female teams
  • Cash prizes of $350, $300, $250 and $200 shall be awarded to the top 4 teams of each race category.  See Prize page for details.
  • Overall Champion will be awarded Championship Trophy on Race Day.




Ministry of Defence (includes DSTA)
Ministry of Education (includes Science Centre Board and ISEAS)
Ministry of Health (includes HPB, HSA and re-structured hospitals)
Ministry of Home Affairs (includes SPF, SCDF, SPS, ICA, CRA and CNB)
Ministry of Communications and Information (includes NLB, PDPC, CSA and IMDA)
Ministry of National Development (includes NParks, AVA)
Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (includes NEA and PUB)
Ministry of Trade & Industry (includes SPRING, EDB, IE Singapore, SDC, A*STAR, CCS, EMA, HLB and STB)
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
Housing and Development Board
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
Institute of Technical Education
Land Transport Authority
Monetary Authority of Singapore
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
People’s Association
Singapore Polytechnic
Sport Singapore



Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (includes MUIS, NAC, NHB, NYC and Singapore Sports School)
Ministry of Social and Family Development (includes NCSS)
Ministry of Finance (includes ACRA, SAC, Tote Board and Singapore Customs)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Law
Ministry of Manpower (includes Workforce Singapore)
Ministry of Transport
Attorney-General’s Chambers
Building and Construction Authority
Central Provident Fund Board
Civil Service College
Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech)
JTC Corporation
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Republic Polytechnic
Singapore Examination and Assessment Board
Temasek Polytechnic
Urban Redevelopment Authority

Former Statutory Boards

Changi Airport Group (S) Pte Ltd
Nanyang Technological University
National University of Singapore
SP Group



  • The games are called the Public Service STAR Games (STAR is acronym for ‘Staff Team-up for Active sports and Recreation’).


  • The objectives of the STAR Games are as follows:
    • To promote a healthy lifestyle in the Public Service, and
    • To foster camaraderie and enhance interactions amongst public officers.


  • The organiser of the STAR Games shall be the Civil Service Club.


  • The STAR Games shall consist of the following events:
    • Championship STAR Games
      • Badminton
      • Basketball
      • Bowling (10-Pin)
      • Chess
      • Chinese Chess
      • Darts
      • Duathlon (new)
      • Dragon Boat Race
      • Football (7-A-Side)
      • Futsal
      • Golf
      • Netball
      • CSC Run by the Bay
      • Scrabble
      • Sepaktakraw (Inter-Regu)
      • Snooker
      • Squash
      • Swimming
      • Step Challenge
      • Table-Tennis
      • Tennis
      • Volleyball
    • Non-Championship STAR Games and Events
      • Aerobics
      • Basketball (3-on-3)
      • Beach Games
      • Bowling (9-Pin Tap)
      • Bowling (3-6-9)
      • Beach Games
      • Football
      • Floorball
      • Frisbee (Mixed)
      • Healthy Lifestyle Walks
      • Netball (Mixed)
      • Pool
      • Rock Climbing
      • Sepaktakraw (Inter-Team)
      • Sports and Family Day
      • Volleyball (Beach)
  • The rules and regulations governing each of the above-mentioned games shall be issued separately to the participating agencies when the Civil Service Club invites entries for the respective games.


  • The STAR Games are open to all civil servants and officers serving in Statutory Boards, Restructured Hospitals and Government-Aided Schools. The list of participating ministries/organisations is shown below
  • A Statutory Board may compete in the STAR Games under its own name if there is no objection from its parent Ministry. The Statutory Board shall appoint two Sports Liaison Officers to liaise with the Civil Service Club on all STAR Games matters.
  • The following officers (including non-resident officers) shall not be eligible to participate in the STAR Games:
    • Public Officers who have represented Singapore (including those as Reserves) or their respective countries (for non-resident officers) in SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games or Olympic Games during the current year and past two years,
    • Players who earn their living as professional players for Clubs, etc during the current and past two years, and
    • Full-time National Servicemen.
  • Any teams which fielded ineligible players shall be disqualified from the tournament.
  • Former Statutory Boards can apply to participate in the STAR Games. They will not be eligible for Overall Championship Positions & Awards, STAR Games Challenge Trophy and STAR Games Awards which are given to government agencies.

Annual Participation Fee and Team Registration Fee

  • Agencies in the Division I category shall pay an annual participation fee of $1,500 while those in the Division II category, pay $1,000.
  • Former Statutory Boards will pay an annual Participation Fee of $3,000.
  • A Team Registration Fee shall be levied for each game.

Registration of Teams and Participants

  • Seeding of teams shall be based on the results of previous year’s game.
  • In a game with different age-group categories, the age of participants shall be calculated as at first day of the competition.
  • Unless otherwise stated, in a game with different competitive categories (eg men’s open, men’s senior or divisions, etc), a player is allowed to play in only one category. A player is not allowed to repeat in any ties in a game.
  • Only registered players are allowed to participate in a game. A registered player must bring along his or her staff identification card and identity card on days of play, for verification purposes.
  • A player is allowed to play for one agency only. Multiple representation of agencies by a player is strictly not allowed.
  • An agency is allowed to register players from other agencies for Non-Championship Games. The agency registering the mixed-agency team must ensure that all the team members are eligible players.
  • All the registered players in a team taking part in Championship Games, must be staff of the ministries/organisations that they are representing.
  • Registration must be accompanied by online payment of registration fee otherwise it will be void.
  • Sports Liaison Officers of participating organisations can register their players online at

Minimum Number of Participating Agencies

  • A Championship game or category with less than eight (8) participating ministries/organisations may not be held.
  • A Non-championship game or category with less than six (6) participating ministries/organisations may not be held.
  • The Civil Service Club reserves the right to merge categories that do not meet the minimum number of participating ministries/organisations.

Points System for Championship Games

  • Championship points for determining the overall position of participating organisations, shall be awarded only for Championship Games.
  • Championship points will not be awarded if a championship game/category does not meet the minimum requirement of eight (8) participating agencies before the fixture is drawn. Once a game’s fixture is drawn, its championship status will not be affected by any withdrawal or walkover of team (s).
  • If more than one team from the same Ministry/organisation emerged at the top 4 positions in a game/category, only the team which finishes in a better position shall be awarded championship points and none to the other team(s). There will not be any upgrading of teams in 5th position or below for purpose of awarding points.
  • The award of championship points which depend on the format of the tournament/event, shall be as follows:
    • In a tourmament with 2 or more categories, category points shall be awarded for categories which meet the minimum requirement of eight (8) participating agencies. The champion, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position teams shall receive 4, 3, 2 and 1 category points respectively. If more than one team from the same organisation emerged at the top 4 positions in the same category, only the team which finishes in a better position shall win category points and none shall be awarded to the other team(s). There will not be any upgrading of teams in 5th position or below for purpose of awarding category points. The total number of category points obtained by the organisations in that game shall then be aggregated to determine the winners of the top four overall positions for award of championship points. In the event of a tie, the championship points will be divided equally amongst the organisations concerned.
    • In a competition comprising two or more events (eg swimming, dragon boat race, Duathlon, Run By The Bay), event points shall be awarded to each event as stipulated in its rules and regulations. The event points shall then be added up to determine the top 4 positions in a category or for the award of championship points.
    • In a tournament with different divisions based on merit (eg Divisions A, B and C), only the top 4 teams in Division A shall be awarded championship points.
  • Championship points for Division I and II Categories, except for Step Challenge, will be awarded as follows:
    • Division I Points System
      Position (Team Events)No. of Points
      Second Placing10
      Third Placing8
      Fourth Placing6
      Points for participation1
    • Division II Points System
      FormatPoints for Division II Organisations
      Single Knockout
      (eg. Tennis)
      1st   – 12 pts

      2nd  – 10 pts

      3rd   – 8 pts

      4th   – 6 pts

      Preliminary rounds – All Division II teams which fail to qualify for the finals, will earn one participation point, and one point (maximum 4 points) for winning each round.

      Double Knockout
      (eg. Basketball, Darts, Netball, Sepaktakraw, Squash, Snooker, Table Tennis and Volleyball)
      1st   – 12 pts

      2nd  – 10 pts

      3rd   – 8pts

      4th  – 6 pts

      Preliminary rounds – All Division II teams which fail to qualify for the finals, will earn one participation point, and one point (maximum 4 points) for winning each round in the Winners’ Pool or Feed-in Pool.

      Group League
      (eg 7-A-Side Football, Futsal)
      1st   – 12 pts

      2nd  – 10 pts

      3rd   – 8 pts

      4th   – 6 pts

      Preliminary round – position in a 3-team or 4-team group (excluding finalists)

      Position within the

      Group League       *3-team     *4-team

      1st                               2 pts          3 pts

      2nd                               1 pt            2 pts

      3rd                             0                1 pt

      4th                              –                0

      *exclude participation points

      (eg Bowling, Chess, Chinese Chess, Golf, Scrabble)
      1st    –  12 pts

      2nd   –  10 pts

      3rd    –   8 pts

      4th    –   6 pts

      5th  –  4 pts

      6th  –  3 pts

      7th  –  2 pts

      8th  –  1 pt

      Note: Exclude participation point for 5th to 8th positions

  • For Step Challenge, the ranking of the public service agencies in Divisions I and II shall be determined by the summation of event points across all Corporate Challenge events for the month of January, February and March as provided by HPB. Based on the highest event points, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placing agencies shall be awarded 8, 6, 4 and 2 Championship points.
  • The Points System for the Championship Games shall not be applicable to former Statutory Boards competing in the STAR Games.


  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 4 teams of the respective games.
  • Sports Liaison Officers/Team Managers of the top 4 teams must ensure that their teams are present to collect the prizes.

Overall Championship Positions & Awards

  • The STAR organisations are divided into two Divisions as shown in the Annex. The Division I Category is restricted to organisations with staff strength of 1,350 and above. The Division II Category is restricted to organisations with staff strength of below 1,350.
  • Organisations in Division I Category will not be “relegate” to Division II. However, the Organiser may consider promoting those Division II organisations that consistently won top prizes to Division I.
  • While an organisation can participate in all the championship games, only the points obtained from the best seven games by a Division I organisation and the best five games by a Division II organisation will be used to determine the overall position of the organisations in their respective division.
  • All the organizations in Divisions I and II Categories shall compete in any of the STAR games as a single group. However, organisations in Division I shall be ranked separately from those in Division II using the respective points system, for purpose of determining the overall positions.
  • The awards for the top 10 organisations in Divisions I and II are as follows:
PositionDivision IDivision II
  • In the event of a tie in points for any of the top 10 positions, the winner shall be decided by the following tie-breakers in order:
    • 1st tie-breaker: Highest number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions won in that order by the organisations.
    • 2nd tie-breaker: Most number of championship games participated in.
    • 3rd tie-breaker: Most number of non-championship games participated in.
  • If the tie is still not resolved after all the tie-breakers stated in above, the organisations shall be declared as joint winners and share equally the cash awards for both that position and the next lower position.

STAR Games Challenge Trophy

  • The overall champions of Division I and II will each receive a replica of the STAR Games Challenge Trophy.
  • The Challenge Trophy can only be won outright if a Ministry or organisation wins the overall championship for three consecutive series.

STAR Games Awards

  • The following awards will be given to Sports Liaison Officers of participating organisations each year:
    • Recognition Awards for Sports Liaison Officers and
    • Sports Liaison Officers Awards of the top five organisations in Division I and II.


  • Teams must play all the matches in a fixture drawn.
  • Any team which withdraws or gives a walkover after the fixtures had been drawn shall be fined $100. The team will also be disqualified from the event.
  • An organisation penalised as above may not be allowed to compete in subsequent tournaments until the penalty fee have been paid.
  • The team may be required to furnish a letter of explanation to the Organiser.

Protest & Appeal

  • Appeal/Protest must be submitted:
    • to the referee/tournament official,
    • in writing,
    • by the team manager/captain only,
    • together with a deposit of $50, and
    • within the time stipulated in the rules and regulations of the respective games.
  • The Appeal Committee shall comprise a CSC staff/CSC Game Convenor and two sports liaison officers/convenors who are not involved in the protest.
  • The deposit of $50 will be refunded if a protest is upheld; otherwise it shall be forfeited.
  • The decision of the Protest/Appeal Committee is final.

Postponement of Matches

  • The Civil Service Club reserves the right to cancel or postpone any events/ matches due to the following:
    • Inclement weather,
    • Haze, or
    • Clashes with any major events run by the National Sports Association or the Civil Service Club.

Insurance Coverage

  • The Civil Service Club does not provide insurance coverage for participants in the STAR Games.
  • Participating organisations are strongly advised to purchase medical insurance to cover their players for medical expenses/treatment in case of any injuries sustained whilst taking part in the STAR Games.

Amendment/Change of Rules

  • The Civil Service Club reserves the right to amend or change the rules and regulations of any of the STAR games. Its decision on all such matters shall be final.


  • The Civil Service Club, its Management, Organising Committee Members and appointed officials will not be liable for any injury or death whatsoever caused to any player or official and/or loss of personal property during his or her participation or as a result of his or her participation in the STAR Games.


A spectacular SUNSET run on 20 October 2018, Saturday.