$242,000 were successfully raised at the CSC Run By The Bay our Official Charity Partner New Life Community Services.

The donations raised will go into the works of supporting and benefiting communities in the following ways :


  • Provide early intervention to children who are struggling to read at their academic level improve their reading competency through the Steady Readers literacy programme. Children enrolled in the Steady Readers also get to participate in workshops and camps during the school holidays where they can be enriched through fun and meaningful activities.


  • Help at-risk children develop positive character traits and behaviors through the mentoring programmes P.A.N.D.A Champs and Kids Champ Club, where the children are nurtured into character champions through specially designed lessons and activities.


  • Help at-risk youths develop self-confidence and purpose in lives through mentoring activities organized at the New Life Youth Hubs, where the youths are befriended and engaged through structured and unstructured activities.


  • Strengthen family ties and relationships through the annual carnival Children’s Festival where grandparents, parents and children get to participate in games and family bonding activities.


At CSC Run by the bay, we believe in sport as a means to feel good and do good.

This year, CSC Run by the bay has adopted New Life Community Services as its Official Charity Partner. We encourage runners to donate (there is no amount too small), or raise funds for New Life Community Services.



New Life Community Services (NLCS) is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation committed to serve the community and mentor the next generation regardless of race and religion. It is a Registered Society since 2000, an IPC status and a full member of National Council of Social Service.

The vision of NLCS is to mentor the next generation of youths and children to master life’s transition so that they may be able to make a positive contribution to their homes, communities, and society.

In 2018, NLCS reached out to a total of 725 children, 426 Youths and 151 families through its programmes. The children beneficiaries include those from the New Life Childcare Centres and Student Care Centre, children who graduated from the literacy programme Steady Readers, as well as those from its character-based programmes that mentor and develop at-risk children to become champions in life.

NLCS’s youth drop-in centres provide a community for at-risk youths to develop their character in a safe and positive environment with the help of mentoring and nurturing relationships with staff mentors and volunteers. NLCS also partner with schools in the community to run programmes that focus on the youth’s social-emotional competencies,

NLCS also works closely with community agencies to provide financial assistance and counselling to marginalised families through its Finance Assistance programme Project Love. Ever since 2011, NLCS organises Children’s Fest, an annual children carnival for the families in the community. In 2018, a total of 3,244 children and families participated in the Children’s Fest and were blessed with a quality time of family bonding. Please visit www.newlife.org.sg or https://www.facebook.com/newlifesg/ to find out more about NLCS.

This year, NLCS targets to raise a total of $3.2 million donations to expand and deepen its works in the community continuously. To reach this goal, NLCS organises a Charity Run fundraising initiative with a target to raise $260,000.

We hope you can join us to partner with NLCS to reach its goal and to make an impact on the community!


A spectacular SUNSET RUN on 12 October 2019, Saturday.