Find out if you can achieve this incredible feat of completing 12.8km in 1 hour! Have your name in the “1-hour club” page, receive a “1-hour Club” badge of honour to share on social media and add to your profile picture and a “1-hour club” race certificate.


Name Nationality Time Agency
Rachel See Singapore 00:54:28.00
Sharon Tan Singapore 00:59:18.64 Ministry of Education


Name Nationality Time Agency
Subas Gurung Singapore 00:45:42.66 Ministry of Home Affairs
Prashan Silva Singapore 00:45:57.48
Bijay Sunuwar Nepal 00:50:38.28
Benjamin Khoo Singapore 00:50:55.63 Ministry of Trade & Industry
Desmond Ang Singapore 00:51:05.78
Sujan Sunuwar Nepal 00:51:44.69 Ministry of Home Affairs
Humbahadur Gurung Nepal 00:51:47.53 Ministry of Home Affairs
Creighton Connolly Canada 00:51:49.76 National University of Singapore
Yee Kit Tai Malaysia 00:51:54.21 National University of Singapore
Kevin Tan Singapore 00:51:54.77 Ministry of Education
Li Poon Singapore 00:52:00.09 Ministry of Education
Muhammad Rafie Razali Singapore 00:52:09.78 Ministry of Home Affairs
Fung Ka Kin Singapore 00:52:20.98 Ministry of Home Affairs
Arjun Limbu Nepal 00:52:34.15
Seow Wee Ku Singapore 00:52:54.76 Ministry of Education
Dex Cheong Singapore 00:53:45.92 National University of Singapore
Romain Chanu France 00:54:09.00
Lin Zijing Singapore 00:54:24.00 Ministry of Education
Edmund Sim Singapore 00:54:47.24 Ministry of Education
Tan Woon Te Singapore 00:54:52.74 Ministry of Home Affairs
Jeff Goh Singapore 00:54:55.45 Ministry of Home Affairs
Mohamed Firdaus Mohd Rashid Singapore 00:54:55.66 Ministry of Home Affairs
Lester Tan Singapore 00:55:14.30 People’s Association
Maciej Kulesza Poland 00:55:59.23
Chew Tze Inn Malaysia 00:56:18.55 Ministry of Education
Alex Goh Singapore 00:56:27.48 Ministry of Home Affairs
Foo Sheng Hao Singapore 00:56:27.27 Ministry of Education
Ramesh Palaniandy Singapore 00:56:43.90 Ministry of Home Affairs
Tan Chee Keong Singapore 00:56:48.15 Ministry of Home Affairs
Gordon Goh Singapore 00:57:27.46 Ministry of Education
Teo Zhihao Singapore 00:58:03.21 Ministry of Education
See Hoe Kiat Singapore 00:58:28.10 Ministry of Home Affairs
Shi Yuzhi China 00:58:34.59 Nanyang Technological University
Moses Shao Singapore 00:58:51.44 Ministry of Education
Yap Leng Hua Singapore 00:58:52.66 Housing and Development Board
Grain Baysa-Pee Philippines 00:59:04.82 Republic Polytechnic
Arthur Desgues France 00:59:02.80
Ma Yaping Singapore 00:59:07.68 Ministry of Education
Lee Song Lim Singapore 00:59:14.74 Ministry of Education
Bertrand Czarny France 00:59:23.91 Nanyang Technological University
Sean Chua Singapore 00:59:29.19 Ministry of Education

A spectacular SUNSET RUN on 12 October 2019, Saturday.